Residencia Gorila TAP Tulum Art Project

TAP brought local, national and international talent lAriel Resendiz, Féliz Collado, Miguel Ink2lu´um, members of the organization World Art Destination (WAD), Dherzu, Senkoe y Liz Rashell; Jesús Benitez, Tellaeche, Spaik, Pelucas and Giorgio Casu to join us in celebration.

Magical ecosystems and starry nights all artists gave a big sense of creation and unity between arts and locals. All over Pueblo until the beach, forgotten and hidden walls now come alive replacing gray abandoned lots, private houses, shops, the City Hall and sacred places such as Cancha Maya into a colorful explosion of shades that exhibit Mayan prevailing culture.

Residencia Gorila TAP Tulum Art Project (3)

The main afflatus is the mythological Mayan cosmology, vision and wisdom either spoken or written as Popol Vuh book in which in its first part describe the creation of the universe and the origin of man made out of corn, Gods and Kings like Pakal “The Great” show off in his embodied flying into his ship on the constellation solstice or childrens fairy tales about time, mayan kin and also a contemporary point of view over a Mayan Selfie.

Residencia Gorila TAP Tulum Art Project (1)

As a result new friendships were formed and the town of Tulum now has 15 bright murals.

All photos by:  Anna Fishkin

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