The exponential growth of Lionfish in the Caribbean is a real and growing threat to the ecology of tropical marine areas in the whole Caribbean Region.

To date, no decrease in the densities of Lionfish have been observed, and the numbers seem to remain high enough to create serious damage to reefs and several species of fish.

That’s why we started the Lion Fish Project whose goal is to help to reduce the lionfish population in the Mexican Caribbean by increasing its consumption through audiovisual and street art, direct contact with community and a viral campaign.

This is the first episode of the Lionfish Project in which we went for a test dive to hunt the Lionfish and to taste it for ourselves.

Production: Residencia Gorila, Alfonso Garrido
Diving instructions/assistance: Jose Rangel
Camera: Alfonso Garrido, Maris Lagzdins
Editing: Maris Lagzdins