Presented by Batey & Residencia Gorila,

Célula exhibition: speaks out in a monochromatic illustrations a start-up process, transformation and self-replicates.

Residencia Gorila Célula Exposición Alejandro Canela 9

“Under the microscope every cell starts with one point. A disguised atom get close enough to each organisms inhabiting us to leave the personal level and understand those that are not limited between the visible and tangible word, slightly separated by electric charges inhabited by the time infinite spaces. A memory, a person, a place, a word, a existence. Complex entities born a perfectly suitable habitat for our “I” and both hands are joined holes that form, there is a line in our micro-world that is so almost precisely the contours of our body, our reasoning.”

– Alejandro Canela (2015)

Residencia Gorila Célula Exposición 11


Residencia Gorila Célula Exposición 4