Aaron, come back to us!

“I came to Residencia Gorila as a traveller who was looking for a cosy and intimate place to stay. And here I am two years later – taking care that everybody is happy and fed.
Aaron arrived in late November last year. I remember, that we didn’t even talk for the first hour. That is very natural behaviour from my Scandinavian side, but unexpected from anybody else around this world. But exactly that was the moment when I started to respect him, because he respected my speed of building relationship. He was just sitting in the bar and telling his life story from New Zealand to Hawaii through Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Japan and Alaska. He told about his strong passion for ocean and all the projects he is doing to preserve it. Then he finally came to me, helped me to wash the dishes and so we became friends. He showed me how to boil eggs without shell. He taught me to enjoy the sound of burping, even in the middle of the song. He helped his partner to paint me on a 8m high wall, made stars out of my freckles and put moon in my armpit. He made my darkness to shine! He almost died hunting the lionfish 30 meters deep in the ocean, but was helping me wash the dishes again just few hours later. Together we were Conquerors of the Useless, who sail in sand towards 1st January sunrise. Together we entertained and fed strangers who later returned as friends. Together, together, together… And then he went back home happy. And I’m happy, too. If there is place where he feels better than in Tulum beach, than it must be fucking amazing place. But I know that he will come back. Because it’s not about the place. It’s not about the art. Its even not about ocean conserving and world saving. It’s about people who we meet on the way. I wish for you all to meet Aaron one day. And I hope he will invite me to his wedding. Aaron?!” – Liva Olina about Harah Akaishi


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