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We are a creative space based in Tulum Mexico that came to life two years ago. Our primary objective is to integrate and host multidisciplinary talents and artists from around the world. We apply these talents towards environmental and social projects in order to help shape and keep Tulum nature conscious. We are also looking to produce and collaborate with local and global artists on all kinds of amazing projects with a message worth spreading.




2015 is the year of music for Residencia Gorila. We are now welcoming musicians and producers from around the world to explore the element of sound at our artist residence in Tulum. This is a video of SunRun and Nereo II performing in front of our Murals in Tulum pueblo. For more info about music collaborations contact us […]



  Residencia Gorila (Tulum – Mexico) is looking for a talented multimedia artists for an internship program for minimum 3 month in paradise! About us: We are a creative space based in Tulum Mexico that came to life two years ago. Our primary objective is to integrate and host multidisciplinary talents and artists from around […]

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans, Mexico Expedition Isla Mujeres 2014

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans, Mexico Expedition Isla Mujeres 2014

PangeaSeed in collaboration with 1xRUN, Residencia Gorila, World Art Destinations and Juxtapoz Latin America are pleased to present Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans – Mexico Expedition. The week-long event will take place July 20-28 on the island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. The mission of Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans – Mexico Expedition is simple: our […]

Inteligent silence from Maris!

Inteligent silence from Maris!

Out of all our past guests at the residence, I think Maris was the guy who took the whole Gorila-thing the most seriously – since he has left our daily banana consumption has noticeably reduced. Well, also there is less ‘YES, YES, YES’ sounds around and no one represents the Gorila team in early sunrise […]

Neverending childhood with Pelucas

Neverending childhood with Pelucas

I was just about to start writing a story about this guy, when he called me dressed like gorilla and asked: “will you feed me with bananas?” Pelucas has this childish fluffy humour, that reminds others that they are taking life too serious. He speaks through his artworks, through jokes and even clothes he is […]

the residents

  • Alfonso Garrido
    Alfonso Garrido

    Poncho is the one who started all this mess. His art of persuading could make the lady Death change her mind after showing up, and he is one main power that makes the Residence full of artists and life. His biggest inspiration is seeing others being inspired!

  • Liva

    Elfic lady from Latvia…

  • Maris Lagzdins
    Maris Lagzdins

    If Māris is running around with camera and asking others not to move for 30 seconds, it means its full moon. We suspect that one morning a mermaid jumped on him during his daily swim, but he refuses to talk about it and spends his days editing.

  • Aleja Rivas
    Aleja Rivas

    Ale learned English in 4 months to escape from death – apparently she breathes through speaking. While her communication power attracts artists to residency, her hands are free to cut hair and make the best Chai tea outside India.

  • Pelucas

    As Pelucas himself says, his most passionate fans are kids. Maybe because of his Mikey shirt, maybe because his art and his non-stop jokes are quite strong reminder that rest of us are taking life too serious.

  • Yvette Vexta
    Yvette Vexta

    Since Vexta once lived together with snake and bat family, our company sometimes was too usual for her. But when she decided to stay with us and open a restaurant ‘Freckles’, she was announced as one of the 15 best women in street art so we let her back in the streets!

  • Chahrazed Guez Guez
    Chahrazed Guez Guez

    Chahrazed’s multicultural identity compliments her multitasking personality. She will sacrifice all herself for that one… or two… or three ideas in her head. Even if that head is upside down while she headstands in the snow.

  • Harah Akaishi
    Harah Akaishi

    Aaron’s art is equally as beautiful as his personality. Despite the fact that Ocean almost killed Aaron while he was hunting lionfish 30m deep, with his art Aaron is tirelessly helping conserve Ocean. So Ocean definitely can feel much safer by having this guy at his side.

  • Celeste Bayers
    Celeste Bayers

    Celeste likes to play guitar on our rooftop totally naked and lives in constant surprise about the world around her. Really?! Yes! But at the end we are the surprised ones after seeing her artworks done. Even if it’s a portrait on someone’s knee (true story).

  • Felix

    In the beginning Felix became a master of killing painfully biting tabanos, and only then in the peace he was able to become a master designer who perfectly communicates residency ideas of sharing this place, this planet and this Universe.

Here is a group of people who are living and working together for the common good of our community. Leaving behind old habits our current and past residents are able to make room for complete inspiration, by being open to different experiences and harvesting new soul-filling rewards. The thing is that no matter how long you spend at The Residence - a few weeks, months, years - you become an important part of it. This is about giving yourself a chance to live in a different kind of reality, in the magic of Tulum, and making your own ideas happen with us while also improving your talents, yourself and the place where we live. We see ourselves as a biodiversity of talents!

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