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We are a creative space based in Tulum Mexico that came to life two years ago. Our primary objective is to integrate and host multidisciplinary talents and artists from around the world. We apply these talents towards environmental and social projects in order to help shape and keep Tulum nature conscious. We are also looking to produce and collaborate with local and global artists on all kinds of amazing projects with a message worth spreading.


What does TULUM SOUNDS like? An interview with Hugo Branco

What does TULUM SOUNDS like?  An interview with Hugo Branco

Hugo Branco, Artist Resident and creator of Sound-Escapes speaks with us about his stay in Tulum, his experience in Residencia Gorila and Sound-Escapes, a project that integrates diverse pieces like a track of all the Tulum’s sounds that got his attention. 1. Hugo Branco, can you talk about your work and passions? I’ve basically have […]

Lushlife’s Interview about his week recording at Residencia Gorila

Lushlife’s Interview about his week recording at Residencia Gorila

Musician, producer, rapper and dear friend Raj, better known as Lushlife in the music industry, stayed with us at Residencia Gorila.



Spencer Keeton Cunningham pictured above holding a recent magazine he found in Tulum with a feature on a mural he painted with Aaron Glasson in Cancun the previous month at el Festival Internacional Arte Publico. Photo: Vishal Modha The following are a collection of paintings created by Spencer Keeton Cunningham since he has been at […]



Presented by Batey & Residencia Gorila, Célula exhibition: speaks out in a monochromatic illustrations a start-up process, transformation and self-replicates. “Under the microscope every cell starts with one point. A disguised atom get close enough to each organisms inhabiting us to leave the personal level and understand those that are not limited between the visible and […]



Inspired by the legend of the diver that never made it out of the see and with the restore coral project in mind our super dupla: Spencer Keeton Cunningham & Guillaume Desmarets made it once again on this collaboration mural at the Tulum Pueblo creating Coral Reaper. A dead diver becoming part of the sea surrender by […]

the residents

  • Hugo Branco

    Better known in the music scene as Fulano 47. This Portuguese producer and philosopher mixes noises and beats on his project Sound Escapes, he give us a super high doses of  Deep & Tech House on one of the most powerful birthday bash ever made at la Residencia.


    - Hugo Branco
  • Vishal Modha

    Our favorite camera men,  always carrying his equipment everywhere to code web pages. His mission is to connecting people to a real working community. Founder of Peace of Paradise and bamboo bike maker.


    - Vishal Modha
  • Ananda Watanabe

    An aesthetic taste makes her continually seek for harmony and order, social and street art is a personal passion but her experience at cultural affairs brought her here traveling from north to south. Her first great love is the sea, second one is Tijuana, where she is a main member of the art collective: COYOTE.



    - Ananda Watanabe
  • Emmanuelle & Elon

    This Montreal-based dancers at Tentacle Tribe came to work out and transform the body and mind of everybody with their training. Organic moves, conceptual hip hop and influences from all types of earthly creatures, creates uncommon contemporary twist capture on many videos.



    - Emmanuelle & Elon
  • Lauren Napolitano

    Since she arrived into la Residencia she didn’t stop painting everything and everybody with her delicate strokes inspired by the tribal Berber women of nothern Africa . A lover of human mistakes she reconnected with the moon and stars creating a photo exhibition in Batey.

    Using predominantly enamel on found objects and ink on found paper, her intent is to leave a unique imprint on these long- since-forgotten objects. She is constantly stopping to pick up items along the way, something to honor and serve as a memory of this time spent together.
    Lauren invents intricate pattern work, reflective of her mother’s Mexican heritage. She loves noticing human error in all art forms… it shows you there is a real person behind it, pieces of their narrative are revealed simply by the effort of their hands.

    - Lauren Napolitano
  • Pini

    Musician and producer from Berlin with the most mexican accent that any german can speak. She was into the kitchen trying all the energy of spicy food and hot sauces. Inspired by many tropical fruits her rhymes created our first music video.

    - Pini
  • Nereo II

    After his collaboration in FIAP (Public International Art Fair), he stay a short but a very fructiferous time at la Residencia, this multidisciplinary artist who flows between visual, spoken word and dance in the hip hop scene combine with adventurous performances in the streets with a big sense of urban freestyle and creativity on our first music video for this year.

    - Nereo II
  • Sir Lemat

    Musician and psychedelic rocknrolla, main member of “La surrealeza usurpada”. Our first musician at la Residencia, he turned our penthouse into a recording studio for his first debut album. Illustrating every flyer for his events with a unique sense of humor and with his strings every concert gave us a lot of twist and shout!

    - Sir Lemat
  • Noel Middleton

    Running away from Toronto´s cold weather this multi-disciplinary artist worked on an installation-sculpture using collected materials that he found on the road to the beach. One of the current artists exhibits at the Narwhal Projects Gallery.

    - Noel Middleton
  • Benedek

    “The Wizard” enchanted all the community with his textile project “Fuego Azúl” a collaboration with Wixarikas a native indigenous group from Guadalajara, knitting a bridge between social art and fashion.

    - Benedek
  • Sunru

    Sunru is from the ancient future he has come to help with the shift here on earth. More than an artist is an expression to live. He represents five elements: music, dance, theater, fashion and healing. Moving in different music styles like house to blues, he creates a journey  between movement and sound, expressed in a dragon body. On Residencia he was responsible to hosting enigmatic gatherings with Lum´s mystical sounds with  Blond:ish. He recordered many original music videos full of art and his unique style.


    - Sunru
  • Remy Beatty

    More than 2 meters high constitute our gentile giant. Sound and light builder who facilitated eclectic music mixes between different seas like Caribbean, Afro and Gypsy. A beat hunter recording at the Residencia Gorila.


    - Remy Beatty
  • Guillaume Desmarets

    A crazy Belgian from Brussels was launched to stardom after his famous video wearing his very well known gown bed. His legendary phrase “Come on, go for it!” will stay for sure as an echo at la Residencia. On solo and open to collab he created several canvases and murals full of fun and straight lines with his posca markers. Member of the art collective Farm Prod.


    - Guillaume Desmarets
  • Alejandro Canela

    Our designer and illustrator who enjoys a lot to wear or not clothes at the beach. Here discovered his love for eggplant, disappointment by vegan ceviche and not big fan of papaya. He exhibited his work on “Célula” in which describes monochromatically his starting process, transformation and self-replicates during his stay at Tulum.


    - Alejandro Canela
  • Spencer Keeton Cunningham

    An Oregonian artist who has been traveling on the road for 11 months now roaming in Mexico, since he got into la Residencia he couldn´t stop  creating at least three things on the same time: he could be taking a shower and editing a video, have a swim and paint a mural while a computer things is downloading everything from the comfortable sofa that he became office and home.


    - Spencer Keeton Cunningham
  • Alfonso Garrido

    Poncho is the one who started all this mess. His art of persuading could make the lady Death change her mind after showing up, and he is one main power that makes the Residence full of artists and life. His biggest inspiration is seeing others being inspired!

    - Alfonso Garrido
  • Liva

    Elfic lady from Latvia…

    - Liva
  • Maris Lagzdins

    If Māris is running around with camera and asking others not to move for 30 seconds, it means its full moon. We suspect that one morning a mermaid jumped on him during his daily swim, but he refuses to talk about it and spends his days editing.

    - Maris Lagzdins
  • Aleja Rivas

    Ale learned English in 4 months to escape from death – apparently she breathes through speaking. While her communication power attracts artists to residency, her hands are free to cut hair and make the best Chai tea outside India.

    - Aleja Rivas
  • Pelucas

    As Pelucas himself says, his most passionate fans are kids. Maybe because of his Mikey shirt, maybe because his art and his non-stop jokes are quite strong reminder that rest of us are taking life too serious.

    - Pelucas
  • Yvette Vexta

    Since Vexta once lived together with snake and bat family, our company sometimes was too usual for her. But when she decided to stay with us and open a restaurant ‘Freckles’, she was announced as one of the 15 best women in street art so we let her back in the streets!

    - Yvette Vexta
  • Chahrazed Guez Guez

    Chahrazed’s multicultural identity compliments her multitasking personality. She will sacrifice all herself for that one… or two… or three ideas in her head. Even if that head is upside down while she headstands in the snow.

    - Chahrazed Guez Guez
  • Aaron Glasson

    Aaron’s art is equally as beautiful as his personality. Despite the fact that Ocean almost killed Aaron while he was hunting lionfish 30m deep, with his art Aaron is tirelessly helping conserve Ocean. So Ocean definitely can feel much safer by having this guy at his side.

    - Aaron Glasson
  • Celeste Bayers

    Celeste likes to play guitar on our rooftop totally naked and lives in constant surprise about the world around her. Really?! Yes! But at the end we are the surprised ones after seeing her artworks done. Even if it’s a portrait on someone’s knee (true story).

    - Celeste Bayers
  • Felix

    In the beginning Felix became a master of killing painfully biting tabanos, and only then in the peace he was able to become a master designer who perfectly communicates residency ideas of sharing this place, this planet and this Universe.

    - Felix